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the last app you need on your OLD phone, the first app you need on your NEW phone


  • Do I get all my Contact Data?

    Yes. The PhoneSwappr Service is designed to be compatible on multiple device platforms. It is a best-effort delivery system. We transfer as much of the data as we can. This includes First Name, Last Name, Organisation, Phone Numbers, Email Addreses, Physical Addresses, Events and Notes.
  • Do I get Groups?

    No. Unfortunately this is because different device platforms implement Grouping differently. Hence we suggest that after you have successfully transferred your contacts data, you should manually re-group your contacts.
  • Do I need an internet connection?

    Yes. The PhoneSwappr Service lives on the internet. You will need an internet connection to interact with it.
  • Does it have a limitation of the number of contacts?

    Yes. Everything has a theoretical limitation. We have tested data payloads with approximately 500-2000 contacts and it works fine and fast.
  • What Platform Versions do you support?

    At this moment we support all iOS versions > 4.0, Android versions > 2.3.6 & Windows Phone 8.0
  • Is my Data encrypted?

    Yes. The data is encrypted and furthermore all data transfers occur on a secured SSL connection.
  • How long does it take?

    Time taken varies and is dependent on various factors such as internet speed & bandwidth, device processor speed, network load, size of the payload data and version of the device’s operating system. On average our tests indicate that 1000 contacts can take anywhere between ~20 secs and ~4 mins when changing the variables stated earlier.
  • How big is the app?

    The App binary is ~2MB on a Windows Phone 8.0 device and ~25MB on iOS and Android.
  • I have contacts on my new phone. I have now used PhoneSwappr to transfer Contacts on this new phone. Do I loose the original contacts I had before I used PhoneSwappr?

    No. PhoneSwappr does not delete or overwrite any records. If you had 5 contacts on your new phone before using PhoneSwappr and then used PhoneSwappr to transfer 10 contacts. You will now have a cumulative total of 15 contacts.